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Abaya Umm isra beige


Abaya Umm Isra beige, an alternative to jilbabs!

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Size guide
Size guide

Abaya Umm Isra Beige

Looking for an alternative to the jilbeb? You are at the right place, discover the abaya Umm Isra Beige. This abaya is perfect for the modest woman. It respects the dress codes of Islam. The SUTRA range is made for women who are looking for masturbatory clothing. Our goal is to create a range that respects the desires and dress codes of Islam.

This abaya is designed to facilitate all women! The women of big sizes, the women of small sizes but also the moms. That's why you will find a zip at the chest to facilitate breastfeeding but also to be able to put it on quickly and efficiently. It has pockets on the sides.

You are looking for a dress to put between girls?

Opt for this long dress Umm Isra, its finishes and its 100% synthetic fabric gives it an elegant and very chic look. Just add a party hijab to match this abaya and some pumps. You have a perfect and simple outfit to wear with girlfriends. This collection is available in several colors, click here to see all the other colors. There are complementary colors. You can wear the beige Umm Isra abaya with the pearl pink Umm Isra abaya. These two colors go very well together!

What size should I choose?

Here are the size details of the Umm Isra abaya:

SIZE 1: Fits women who are between 5'8" and 5'10" tall

Length: 136 cm   Chest size: 104 cm

SIZE 2: Suitable for women who measure between 1m65 and 1m76

Length: 150 cm   Chest size: 110 cm


  • Pockets on the sides
  • Zip at the level of the chest
  • Maximum length
  • Details at the level of the cuffs
  • Finishing and quality of the fabric

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Abaya Umm isra beige

Abaya Umm isra beige


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