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Umrah box - MECCA black
  • Umrah box - MECCA black
  • Umrah box - MECCA black
  • Umrah box - MECCA black
  • Umrah box - MECCA black

Umrah box - MECCA black



Umrah box for women

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Umrah represents an act of worship for every Muslim it has many benefits, these merits are all the more important when Umrah is performed during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, performing Umrah is an atonement for the sins committed by the one who performs this act of worship.

Have you planned to make your little pilgrimage and you don't know what to take with you?

Don't worry, we take care of everything here is the special MECCA Umrah box with the essentials to make your pilgrimage in the best conditions.

The Omra box consists of:

  • 1 jilbab one piece
  • 1 miswak
  • 1 digital tasbih
  • 1 travel prayer mat with built-in compass
  • 1 Quran French - Arabic

All in a very pretty box with illustration and the invocation of the one who puts on a new garment.

The Dua is accessible in Arabic and French.

Why offer an Umrah box?

Often before going to Umrah we ask ourselves: what do I need? It is sometimes difficult to obtain the essentials before leaving on a trip, so it is the ideal gift to facilitate the trip to the woman who is going on this beautiful trip.

She no longer has to worry about what to take.

It is a complete box that will help a large number of sisters, offer it to your friend, wife, mèe or even your sister it will make it much easier for her inchAllah

What is the difference between Hajj and Umrah?

The Umrah and the Hajj are two pilgrimages to Mecca but which remain different in form.

Hajj is a pillar of Islam, obligatory for Muslims, while Umrah is a recommendation. Hajj is done on specific dates while Umrah can be done all year round. During the Hajj, pilgrims perform rituals that do not exist for Umrah, for example.

Also the duration of Umrah is shorter it takes 2 to 6 hours to perform it, unlike the hajj which lasts 6 days in total.

What do I need to do my Umrah?

A jilbab, a wide Abaya Farasha will be ideal and a long khimar to complete the outfit.

A perfect gift for Ramadan 2023: Ramadan boxes

A gift always pleases our loved ones and especially during the period of Ramadan or Eid, there is always a moment to please those around us.

This complete deluxe box will surely please a woman on the occasion of Ramadan.

We also have a wide selection of prayer attire on our site.

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Umrah box - MECCA black

Umrah box - MECCA black


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