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Box ramadan najma dark gray
  • Box ramadan najma dark gray
  • Box ramadan najma dark gray

Box ramadan najma dark gray


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According to Abu Houreira (may Allah be pleased with him), the Prophet (may Allah's prayer and His salvation be upon him) said: "Give yourself gifts then you will love each other".

The najma mother-daughter box with the prayer abaya

A perfect gift for Ramadan 2023: Ramadan boxes

Ideal to offer to a convert for example to facilitate her learning of prayer or to offer herself this box will make you happy, we guarantee it.
These boxes are available in several colors
Are you looking for a box to offer on the occasion of the approaching Ramadan? We offer a wide choice of boxes ideal for Ramadan as a gift to yourself or to a

friend, a mom, a sister, it's the perfect gift!

  • This Premium box is composed of:
  • A woman's najma prayer abaya + a girl's najma outfit
  • A tasbih
  • A musk matches
  • A book 200 invocations of the Muslim matches
  • All in an illustrated XL box with invocation

You will find inside the box the invocation of the one who puts on a new garment.
The Dua is accessible in Arabic and French.
A box to offer for a Muslim sister!

What could be better than a magnificent box to please a sister dear to our hearts! You also have the option of adding a Custom word to the box directly via the Personalization tab.

Why offer a gift box in Ramadan?

A gift always pleases our loved ones and especially during the period of Ramadan or Eid, there is always a moment to please those around us.
This complete deluxe box will surely please a woman on the occasion of Ramadan.

We also have a wide selection of prayer attire on our site.

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Box ramadan najma dark gray

Box ramadan najma dark gray


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