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Abaya umm isra plum
  • Abaya umm isra plum
  • Abaya umm isra plum
  • Abaya umm isra plum
  • Abaya umm isra plum
  • Abaya umm isra plum

Abaya umm isra plum

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Umm Isra Prune, legal dress for the Muslim woman.

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Size guide
Size guide

Umm Isra Plum

The Umm Isra abaya is perfect for the veiled woman. Sutra is a collection that offers legalized outfits.  But what is a legal outfit?

An outfit is said to be legal when it respects the Islamic dress code. It must cover the whole body, it can leave visible the hands and the face.

The Umm Isra Prune model is large and wide, you will feel very comfortable, it is the flagship piece of our collection.

Why buy this abaya?

The Umm Isra Prune abaya is perfect for women who are breastfeeding, thanks to the zip at the chest you will have no worries to put it on and breastfeed your baby. The zip is 28 cm long and adds a modern touch to the abaya. This abaya is perfect for moms. It also has functional pockets on the sides of the dress.

Can I buy this abaya for a party?

This abaya can also be considered a long dress! It is available in many colors, this long dress will look great with a premium jersey or a 3-veil khimar. It all depends on what style you want to dress in. If you are looking for a glamorous and chic look. We recommend a bright color like the plum Umm Isra abaya and pair it with a berry premium jersey or the black premium jersey. If you are looking for a refined and distinguished outfit, opt to accessorize it with a khimar. We have several variations of khimar: the khimar 2 veils in Medina, the khimar 3 veils in muslin, the short khimar, the jazz khimar, and the maxi khimar 3 veils ... Click here to discover all khimar. Browse our site to find the complete outfit that will fit you best!

What size should I choose?

Here are the size details of the Umm Isra abaya:

SIZE 1: Fits women who are between 5'8" and 5'10" tall

Length: 136 cm

Width: 62 cm

SIZE 2: Suitable for women who are between 1m65 and 1m75

Length: 150 cm

Width: 66 cm


  • Pockets on the sides
  • Zip at the level of the chest
  • Maximum length
  • Details at the level of the wrists
  • Finishing and quality of the fabric

Gorgeous but not everyday abaya

The abaya is gorgeous and the material is perfect for summer but unfortunately not quality for day to day wear. It's more suited for event wear. Both abayas I bought chafed within 3 wears. Very disappointed as I paid the cost of abaya in shipping and import fees

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    Abaya umm isra plum

    Abaya umm isra plum


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