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What is a slip-on hijab?

The slip-on hijab is for women who want to save time or are not comfortable with pins. This hijab is a real time saver for Muslim women who are pressed for time. With a cap and tie directly attached to the veil it is now easy to wear the veil in seconds.

Are you looking for ease?

Here is the Medina silk hijab to put on. An ultra-practical hijab. This hijab combines the beautiful look of Medina silk with the ease of a slip-on hijab! Just tie the ties at the back of your head and fold your hijab over and you're done! If you're not comfortable with pins yet, this slip-on hijab is for you. They have finishing touches at the front of the head for a very chic and classy look.

We also have the muslin slip-on hijab. An ultra-practical hijab. This hijab is already ready. Indeed, there is a built-in muslin and jersey cap, so it is very easy to put on. Be sure your veil will fit on your head and don't worry about it slipping or falling off.

Jennah Boutique offers you a wide variety of veils, each one as different as the other with notably the hijab to be put on cap, the hijab to be put on with details in the front of the veil but also the hijab maxi muslin to cover the chest in muslin crepe.

You now have the option to buy a party hijab that combines elegance and ease by purchasing a party slip-on hijab. Don't bother with the veils and those pins anymore. Party hijabs are the missing piece to complete your party outfit.

Find in our wide range, the hijeb lunette. It is a veil adapted to women who wear glasses. The hijeb has 2 slots on the sides to insert glasses very easily. It is easy and fast to put on thanks to its material in extensible Jersey.

The Hijab to put on, an asset for your daily life:

Indeed, the advantage of this hijab will mainly be its ease of wearing the veil. You can assemble it with an everyday outfit like a suit or a blouse as well as with an abaya or a long dress. This hijab is suitable for everyday life to go to work or school.

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