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Jennah Online Muslim Boutique has been aimed since 2014 at all women looking for modesty and discretion wanting to combine trendiness and ethics in the style of ready-to-wear Muslim women. You will find a wide choice of modern and modest Muslim women's clothing at low prices, women's abayas, long skirts for inexpensive Muslim women, pants and palazzos, skirts with vests, oriental dresses, kimono ou Dubaï abayas, women's tunics, hijab accessories.Our products made in France with the Jennah Boutique brand. we offer you multiple styles and colors of evening dresses that respect modest fashion of the Muslim woman wishing to dress modestly and mastour abaya dress in a modern and elegant Muslim women's clothing.

Jennah Islamic Boutique strives to satisfy its customers all over the world by offering the best Muslim women's clothing prices with designs always in tune with the times.

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We thought about Muslim women, and for this we have prepared for her a wonderful assortment of long oriental dresses that meet different tastes and high quality standards. There are groups of long sleeve dresses, long wedding dresses, long maternity dresses, long evening dressas well as plus size long dress which meet the desire of our valued customers. And also remember that there are elegant Arabic dresses in Islamic fashion that meet the desire of veiled women and can be mixed with different accessories to further highlight her aesthetic. We guarantee high quality of every product you purchased from our store, whether on our website or in our store. It is a strong motivation for you to have more confidence in our products that many competitors do not have. There are also many options for our customers in shape or colors of long dresses and Arabic abayas which constitute a large percentage and cannot be dispensed by the Muslim woman in her daily dress for all occasions or in their wardrobes . Do not hesitate to discover our hijab or abaya collection to find out more.

Our fashion hijab fashion products:

Our online Muslim store in Paris contains several models of Muslim women's clothing and hijab fashion to put on that respect Muslim fashion, among our collections: hijab scarf, muslin hijab, jersey hijab, hijab kimono and wedding hijab, evening dresses, Muslim clothing, women's abaya dress, arrabic dress.

You will find everything the Muslim woman needs in her daily Muslim clothing hijab. Most of the time our customers ask questions on several levels as follows:

We try to answer these questions as much as possible.

What is the Dubai abaya?

The Dubai abaya is a traditional garment covering the entire body except the face, as it is generally combined with a hijab .
It is a distinguished garment of Middle Eastern culture, women from Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia mainly wear abayas .

If for a long time it had a classic cut, today it is a question of modern Abaya, kimono , butterfly, beaded or even embroidered.

It is therefore a style that more women in search of modesty and elegance are adopting and not only oriental women, in the West we see celebrities for example wearing it during ceremonies or galas.

Who can wear an abaya?

The abaya is an oriental garment worn by Muslim women and girls wishing to cover their bodies with modest and modern clothing.

The abaya can be worn by any woman who wants to dress modestly.


How to recognize an abaya?

The abaya is distinguished by its long, loose cut, often accompanied by wide sleeves. The materials vary, but the main characteristic remains the modesty of the design. Look for a long dress, often plain, with simple, elegant details.


Why wear an abaya?

The abaya, by its fluid and enveloping nature, offers a unique expression of modesty and elegance. Worn by many women around the world, it symbolizes respect for cultural and religious values, while conferring an aura of grace and sophistication.


What does abaya mean?

The abaya originates from the Arabic word "ʿabāyah", which literally means "cloak". It is a traditional garment worn for generations, rooted in culture and spirituality.


Why ban the abaya?

Banning the abaya may raise questions of religious freedom and personal expression. The decision to ban this garment raises complex debates, combining religious, cultural and political considerations. Every society must balance these elements thoughtfully to respect diversity and individual rights.

What does the hijab or hidjab, hijeb symbolize?

One of the signs of chastity and purity. The veil prevents harm to those attached to it, because the appearance of a woman's good deeds and charms is one of the reasons that cause harm to her.

What is abaya dress?

The abaya dress is a modernized oriental style, adapting the culture of the Arab and Western world, it is generally worn over clothing.


Abaya under dress

The abaya underdress is an additional piece that adds comfort and modesty. It completes the whole by providing a soft and opaque base under the abaya, thus ensuring an impeccable hold.


Under white abaya

The subtlety of a white abaya evokes purity and simplicity. By wearing a white abaya, we adopt a style imbued with serenity, reflecting a deep connection with spirituality and inner peace.

What is the difference between a hijab and a niqab?

The hijab covers the head and the face appears, while the veil covers the head and the face and only the eyes appear.

What is the difference between abaya and niqab?

The Muslim fashion women's abaya is an inexpensive long oriental dress, which covers the entire body except the head, while the niqab covers the head and face.

Modest fashion & eid dress 2024
What is the purpose of wearing hijab?

Islam advocates modesty and invites men and women to dress modestly and to avoid flirty outfits. The Muslim hijab allows the woman to preserve her chastity and to be recognized as a Muslim, it allows her to hide feminine trappings in a modest way. The hijab is the adornment of the Muslim woman.

What is the purpose of wearing hijab?

The Abaya is traditionally black, but now we find it in multiple colors: beige, pink, green, blue etc..

You will find a wide selection of Muslim holiday clothing 2024 for Ramadan 2024, Aid el fitr and aid al adha 2024 here

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