The butterfly abaya, also called abaya farasha, is a legislated Muslim garment with a loose cut that brings a certain class to the woman who wears it.

To perfect your outfit add a khimar or a maxi Hijab.

  • The Abaya Farasha ultimate coverage:

Farasha abayas are perfect for women looking for optimal coverage.

Its butterfly cut, the abaya will not reveal any shape, wide and extremely loose, it adapts to all body shapes.

This type of 3abaya are designed in completely opaque fabrics so no worries about the transparency of your habaya.

  • Why choose a butterfly abaya?

This style of 3abaya is perfectly suited for pregnancy, because it allows an ultra-mastour fall while preserving the modesty of the sister who wears it.

Ideal for tall people in fact, thanks to its wide cut, it adapts more easily to size 54 and above, which makes it all the more popular

among modern Muslim women.

Several of our abaya farasha models have elasticated cuffs which make daily ablutions easier.

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