The Dubai abaya is a traditional garment covering the entire body except the face, as it is generally combined with a hijab.

It is a distinguished garment of Middle Eastern culture, women of Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia wear

mainly abayas.

It is therefore a style that more women in search of modesty and elegance are adopting and not only Eastern women, in the West we see celebrities

for example wearing them during ceremonies or galas.

  • When to wear the Abaya Dubai?

There is no shortage of major occasions: religious ceremonies (fatha, fat7a, baptisms, aqeeqah) prayers at the jumuaa mosque, Ramadhan, aid elfitr aid eladha,

meetings between women/sisters on a hajj or Umrah pilgrimage trip or simply for every day there are not really any special occasions.

The Dubai abaya can be used as a party outfit or just as an overcoat for a modest mastour effect.

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