What is muslin material?

Muslin is well known for its advantages such as breathability and lightness. Many love it for its elegance and fluidity.

This fabric is very common in modest fashion.

Why buy a muslin hijab?

The muslin hijab is a veil to favor especially in summer because it is indeed a fine and flexible material.

It is a light material which allows air to circulate through the veil in case of high heat. Muslim women therefore do not have to worry about the summer heat!

Jennah offers different ranges of muslin hijebs.

If you are looking for a loose and wide veil, we have what you need with the XXL maxi hijab to put on.

In fact, this veil promises you coverage both at the front and at the back. Very easy to put on, just tie the headband which is directly integrated into the back of the head.

The muslin Hijab, an asset for your daily life:

Muslin is a comfortable and breathable material. A breathable material is one that lets your body heat pass to the outside.

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