What is khimar?

From the Arabic خمار, khimar (“cover”), from تخمير, takhmir which means the act of hiding something by putting a lid or blanket on it. It is therefore sunnah to wear a khimar.

The khimar is a very long slip-on hijab that hides the woman's front and back. The khimar resembles a jilbab except that it is shorter and usually does not have a handle. The khumur has an integrated headband and it simply ties behind the head to ensure the scarf stays in place. It is generally made from a microfiber fabric, which makes the material super fluid and pleasant to the touch. Likewise, several cuts exist, whether

either in terms of length, you can also opt for a short khimar or a long khimar, with rounded or pointed finishes. It is essential to have this piece in your Mastour wardrobe!

Why choose a Khimur over a Jilbab?

Unlike a jilbab, the khimar is more practical and versatile for everyday life. It adapts to the active woman and can be available in several colors. The khimar allows the woman to be able to create several outfits unlike the jilbeb which is a more basic outfit. It does not come with sleeves and its length is shorter. In addition, the khimar adapts to all body shapes and sizes: large or small.

size. There are also longer khimars suitable for tall women. By nature, khimars are known to be ample, long and light veils. With its wide cut, you will be able to move around more easily. Khimar has the advantage of adapting to your lifestyle!

What are the different types of khimars?

Sleeveless khimars are very long and cover almost your entire body. Simply pull it over your head and complete it with an abaya or dress. It exists

also headband straps that can be tied behind the head. Ideal for niqabi and hijabi sisters!

The Medina silk khimar is a long khimar, elegant with a pretty drape in Medina silk material, very long for perfect coverage of the shapes, ideal for Muslim and modest women. Medina silk makes the fabric super soft and totally opaque. It comes in several colors! It is available here.

Jazz khimars stand out for their length. Indeed, it measures 120 cm in front length and 140 cm in rear length, enough to conquer the hearts of tall people. With its magnificent drape at the back and front, it perfectly covers the shoulders and chest, for a look enhanced by the light muslin fabric. It is also very easy to put on, you just need to tie the headband around your head.

They are available in several colors, discover them right away here.

Khimar 3 muslin veils are very trendy at the moment. The fall is sumptuous and gives you a refined effect. It has a front length of 118 cm and a rear length of 140 cm. Its width at the front allows maximum coverage. Perfect for summer, because its muslin fabric lets air pass through, so you don't get hot. This model exists in several colors! A must have for modest fashion! It is available here.

How to tie the khimar?

Very easy to wear, the khimar is a slip-on hijab that attaches like the top of a Jilbab to tie behind the head. We therefore find threads attached in the khimar. The wires are long enough to adapt to all head shapes. It completely covers the back and chest. It is cut in a "V" shape in the front and back. The khimar is designed to make it easier for Muslim women to tie the hijab.

Who can wear the khimar?

All Muslim women who wish to veil themselves can wear the khimar. One of the advantages of it is that it is easily attachable and quick. You will not need any clips or pins to attach your khimar. The khimar gives you an elegant and mastour look, it is a sublime element for women looking for mastour clothing!

When to wear Khimar?

Its fluid and light fabric is very pleasant and practical for every day. The khimar can be worn during all seasons, because in fact, it exists in different types of materials. For the hot seasons, it is advisable to take a muslin khimar while for the winter, it is advisable to take a thicker and more rigid fabric to keep you warmer during cooler temperatures such as the silk khimar from Medina.

What to wear the khimar with?

The khimar can be worn with an abaya as well as a long dress. Jennah Boutique offers farasha abayas also called butterfly abaya. Its loose cut will fit perfectly

with your khimar. Farasha abayas are perfect for women looking for optimal coverage.

You can also wear it with a classic abaya such as the long flared abaya or even the petite Léa button dress. Classic style abayas are suitable for everyday outings, they will go perfectly with your khimar. You can easily match your with khimar, because we offer different colors. Jennah Boutique offers you a multitude of abayas with very different cuts, flared, bell or even straight, she

will satisfy a large number of Muslim women. Find all our abayas in

our catalog here. For future mothers, we offer breastfeeding abayas. Indeed, with the breastfeeding abaya, you will be able to maintain your modesty thanks to the length of the khimars which will cover your chest and your back. Nursing abayas are perfect for pregnancy, you will feel very comfortable, discover them now here.

There are many possibilities, all combinations are possible, let your fashion sense take over! Discover all our inexpensive khimars now on our site.

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