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We offer a very wide in abayas dubai

The Dubai Abaya is an oriental garment adapted to Muslim women, worn in the Middle East typically in the Gulf countries, which has become the flagship garment of Muslim women all over the world.

The dubai abaya is often matched with its Hijab, but it is possible to choose another hijab like the modern and chic Medina silk hijab.

The abaya represents one of the traditional forms of Islamic clothing, traditionally black, it is available today in different colors.

The Dubai abaya is fluid and flared for total comfort. Thus, wear the Dubai abaya and it is guaranteed comfort. Indeed, it has a very light fabric which aims to

Opt for the Dubai Abaya for an elegant and modern look, very popular in the Middle East, this Islamic garment is a must in the modest dressing room.

We offer a wide choice of abayas to guarantee you an alternative to the classic long dress, whether in black or in different colors, the Dubai abaya comes in several colors.

Bring a touch of modernity to your look by choosing a modern Dubai abaya

Why choose an Abaya Dubai jennah boutique?

Are you looking for a quality dubai abaya with perfect finishes? We offer a wide range of

For what occasion to wear a Dubai abaya?

The abaya dubai can be worn on any occasion whether it is for a wedding, an engagement, a khotba or on a daily basis.

You can wear your Dubai Abaya according to your tastes and desires, the party accessories will bring an additional touch to the elegance of the abaya.

The Dubai abaya can also be worn with an under abaya, long dress, wide pants, etc., in short, with your everyday clothes and shoes, you just have to adapt the accessories according to the big or small occasion.

You are looking for a top-of-the-range quality Abaya with perfect finishes Jennah Boutique offers you a wide choice in terms of quality and inexpensive Abayas for women, do not hesitate, we offer free delivery from 60 € of purchase in metropolitan France with express delivery within 48 hours.

to finalize your outfit you can also choose a Hijab or a matching Khimar for your abaya.

The Dubai abaya is available in several colors and exists in a multitude of fabrics and cuts.

Whether you are looking for a black or beige white Abaya, we have a wide choice in terms of cut colors and materials.

Find all of our models online of high quality authentic parts with original cut made in dubai.

Make the difference with a quality Abaya.

Abaya dubai size:

Here is how to choose your size for abayas dubai, it is about emirates size:

Size 54: 1m56 and 1m60

Size 56: 1m63 and 1m69

Size 58: 1m68 and 1m73

Size 60: 1m74 and 1m77

Size 62: 1m77 up to 1m80

Abaya dubai woman:

The abaya represents a chic outfit and often associated with the class of oriental women, it comes in several colors and can be worn on a daily basis.

Abaya dubai chic luxury made in dubai, jennah boutique offers you quality abayas at a lower cost for an elegant and chic outfit.

Also discover without delay the special Ramadan collection with a wide selection of abaya for Eid, add a pretty party Hijab to your outfit, a wide range of choices awaits you on Jennah Boutique!

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