What is the hijab?

The hidjab or hijeb is a veil worn by Muslim women which aims to cover their head and hair while leaving the face visible.

This is an essential garment for Muslim women. There is a religious meaning and a protective role in the hijab, it is a symbol of modesty and decency.

What are the different sail materials?

There is a wide choice of materials.

It is better to favor jersey or premium jersey in autumn or winter and thus in summer to favor muslin because it is a lighter and more breathable fabric.

There are many different materials such as jazz muslin, Medina silk, luxury silk, Jersey, premium Jersey, satin hijabs…

The Medina silk hijab is a must have in the veiled woman's wardrobe because it is indeed a high quality and opaque fabric.

It is a light material so you can easily attach it as you wish without any worries.

You will be able to find in our collection a wide choice of colors but also of range for very affordable and cheap prices!

What is the difference between a hijab and a niquab?

The hijab lets the face show while the niquab hides the face leaving only the eyes visible.

It is a form of veil prohibited in France.

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