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What is the burkini?

The burkini is a modern and stylish swimwear that allows women to swim while respecting the principles of modesty of their religion. Designed with high quality materials, the burkini offers optimal protection against the sun's UV rays, while being comfortable and light to wear.

Why choose our burkinis?

With its practical and comfortable design, the burkini is a perfect choice for Muslim women who are looking to enjoy water activities in peace, without compromising their faith. Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, the burkini suits all body types and tastes.

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But the burkini is not only a practical and modesty-conscious swimwear, it is also a real fashion trend. With its modern and sophisticated designs, the burkini has become a practical and stylish swimwear for all women

Questions about the burkini?

Why is the Burkini banned in some places? The burkini is a practical and modesty-conscious swimwear for Muslim women. However, some countries have banned the wearing of the burkini on beaches and swimming pools because they believe it violates secular values or safety regulations. Despite this, wearing the burkini remains a personal choice and an expression of individual freedom. By purchasing a burkini, you can assert your right to choose your bathing attire and your attachment to your religious convictions, while enjoying your water activities in complete safety.

Is the burkini hygienic?

The burkini is a hygienic bathing suit that meets the standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Designed with high quality materials, the burkini is easy to clean and can be washed regularly to ensure optimal hygiene.

The different types of burkini woman:

There are a multitude of burkini with different style and cut for burkini. Let's discover together burkini that you need!

The basic burkini: The long burkini is the basic to have in his dressing mastour, it is a classic that goes with everything! It exists in several colors. It is often composed of three pieces: a long tunic that reaches the level of the knees, elastic pants in the same color as the tunic and a swimsuit hood that covers the neck. It is possible that the hood of the burkini is not included in certain products.

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Burkini large size : Burkini for women who are looking for loose clothing. You want a burkini that does not stick to your skin and is large. Discover our oversized burkinis, suitable for curvy women. The advantage of oversize burkinis are the practicality and comfort that offers you.

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Burkini hijab: There are also hijabs suitable for water, these hijabs have been made to be water resistant and fits perfectly with burkinis. If you are looking for burkini hijabs are available individually, allowing women to choose the size and style that best suits your needs and body type.

The materials used to make these veils are of superior quality, offering protection from the sun's harmful UV rays and resistant to salt water. These veils are also easy to maintain and clean, making them practical for frequent use.

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Swimming pool burkini : You want a modern and colorful burkini for your swimming pool outing? Discover our latest models practical and modest. With different cuts and models.

Our selection of pool burkini offers a wide variety of styles and colors, while being made of high quality materials that offer optimal protection against the sun's harmful UV rays, as well as resistance to chlorinated water.

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