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Modest dresses at Jennah Boutique :

Find in our vast collection of ready-to-wear, a wide choice of dresses Modest of all styles for all types of events (abaya, kimonos, long dress, abbaya kimono, two-piece dress, caftan). Our abaya dresses are loose and wide, they respect the Islamic rules for Muslim women. We take into account all women. The women of big size as of small size, they will often be brought to have difficulties to get modest dresses in their sizes. That's why you will be able to find a sub-category: dress small size and large size to find dresses that fit you. We do our best to ensure that our collection of ready-to-wear dresses can satisfy a maximum of people.

Can Muslim women wear dresses?

Muslim women can wear dresses under certain conditions. Indeed, women must respect the Islamic dress code, that is, cover their "awrah".

What is the "awrah"?

The awrah is the part that the Muslim woman must cover. It is important to know that this varies with who you are and where you are. If you want to buy a long dress to wear in public, it must cover the entire body except for the hands and face.

The rules of awrah differ with one's surroundings. For example, with her mahrams, the Muslim woman has the option of not following strict rules regarding her dress. She is allowed to show her hair, face, arms, hands, and legs from below the knee and feet. You have the possibility to buy a short-sleeved house dress, but wearing a long sleeve is always advised because don't forget that a Muslim woman has to be modest. That's why it's important to know who your mahram is and to know the rules of the awrah!

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