Silk of medina

What is Medina silk?

Medina silk is a high quality luxury fabric. It is made of artificial silk which gives it a softness and a slightly shiny appearance. One of the advantages of this hijab is its opacity. This hijab will bring you a refined side to your daily or occasional outfits.

Medina silk is the favorite material for veiled women because it is extremely comfortable to wear and touch. One of the advantages of our site is that we offer a wide range of colors.

Why buy a Medina silk hijab?

The Medina silk hijab is a must have in the veiled woman's wardrobe because it is a high quality and opaque fabric. It is a light material you can easily tie it in the way you want without any worry.

Jennah boutique offers different ranges of Medina silk hijeb.

If you are looking for a loose and wide veil, we have what you need with the Medina silk khimar to put on. Indeed this veil promises you a coverage as well in the front as in the back. Very easy to put on, the khimar has a tightening link directly integrated at the back of the head. It is ideal with an abaya from the sutra range for example. It is a veil intended for the Muslim woman and modest.

If you are looking for a hijab for everyday wear, Jennah Boutique has what you need! The Medina silk hijab is a must-have. You will be able to make several styles of hijab with this veil. It is also available in several colors, you will be able to match it with any outfit that it is a set, an abaya or even with a long dress!

Looking for ease? Here is the hijab to put on in silk from Medina. An ultra-practical hijab. This hijeb combines the beautiful rendering of Medina silk with the ease of a slip-on hijab! Just tie the ties at the back of your head and fold your hijab over and voila! If you're not comfortable with pins yet, this slip-on hijab is for you. They have finishing touches at the front of the head for a very chic and classy look.

Jennah Boutique offers a wide variety of veils, each as different as the other. Her latest collection is the luxury silk hijab! It is composed of 20% silk and 80% viscose, it is a very chic and refined veil that will please Muslim women looking for a quality veil for an affordable and cheap price.

The Medina silk hijab, an asset for your daily life:

The Medina silk hijab to wear with any type of outfit. You can put it together with a sports outfit like a sweatshirt or an outfit as well as with an abaya or a long dress. It's a hijab that goes with anything and everything from a party, ceremony to your daily commute to work or school.

Want to give a Medina silk hijab as a gift?

A perfect gift for a new hijabi, or for yourself, the hijab boxes are composed of 4 silk hijabs from Medina at a very sweet price! You have the choice between the box freshness, the box wood, the box bloom, the box natur, box natural, box valentine, box safari and box cloud. The perfect gift for a veiled woman!

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