Khimar maxi long Jazz


Khimar which perfectly covers jazz forms for Muslim women


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Long Khimar, elegant with a nice fall in non-crease jazz material, very long for perfect coverage of the shapes, ideal for modest Muslim women.

Why choose a Khimur over a Jilbab?

Unlike a jilbab, the khimar is more practical and versatile for everyday life. It adapts to the active woman and can be available in several colors. The khimar allows the woman to be able to create several outfits unlike the jilbeb which is a more versatile outfit.

basic. It does not come with sleeves and its length is shorter. In addition, the khimar adapts to all body types and all sizes: large size or small size. There are also longer khimars suitable for tall women.

sizes. By nature, khimars are known to be ample, long and light veils. With its wide cut, you will be able to move around more easily. Khimar has the advantage of adapting to your lifestyle!

  • Tightening link
  • Unique size
  • Optimal length
  • Available in several colors

  • Front length: 1m20
  • Rear length: 1m40
  • The sister is 167cm tall


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We recommended delicate washing at 30° and drying in the open air. It is possible to iron the abaya at low temperature and allow it to dry in the open air.

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