According to Umm Salamah (may Allah be pleased with her), the garment that the Prophet (PBUH) loved the most was the qamis. The qamis is therefore part of the Sunnah (Prophetic tradition) that men can strive to follow.

What is a qamis?

A qamis is a long tunic that reaches halfway down the calf or to the ankles. In Islam, men also have a style of dress to address. It is recommended that they wear loose-fitting clothes that cover the 'awra' (parts of the body that are hidden by modesty, which goes from the navel to the knees for men).

Thus the qamis, sometimes called 'djellaba', is a garment that already existed at the time of the Prophet (may the prayers of Allah and His salvation be upon him) and that he loved. You will find at Jennah Boutique a collection of qamis for Muslim men so that he can fulfill this sunna.

When to wear the qamis?

- The qamis is the ideal outfit for praying, the gestures are more easily accomplished during the prayer. When the Muslim goes to the mosque, he usually puts on the qamis, to be comfortable and meet the dress requirements for the performance of the prayer.

- On Fridays, it is also recommended to wear one's best attire.

- During Ramadan, we go to the mosque more often, the qamis will be perfect to go to the tarāwīh in this Ramadan 2023

- Simply in everyday life, the qamis is an all-purpose outfit.

Why is it important for men to wear the qamis?

In addition to fulfilling a sunna by wearing the qamis, the outfit we approach when we perform the prayer has a special place for the Muslim.

Allah said in Surah Al A'raf No. 7 verse 31 (close translation of the meaning of the verse):

"O children of Adam, in every place of Salat wear your adornment (your clothes)(...)"

It is important for the Muslim to prepare for this meeting, it is important not to neglect the outfit we are going to wear for praying.

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