You are looking for a gift idea to offer for a special occasion such as Eid El fitr, eid El adha, a wedding, a baby shower or simply to treat yourself here is the perfect gift the Hijab box!

The perfect gift set for the Muslim woman.

Each of the boxes contains the invocation of the new garment, as well as the personalized note that you wish to add to your gift.

Do not hesitate to also add hijab accessories such as pins, hats, etc. to your box.

You also have the possibility of composing your box by adding the items of your choice by selecting the gift wrapping option at the end of the order, namely that our gift boxes are large enough so they can easily contain up to 8 hijabs.

Treat your loved ones with our ready-to-offer boxes such as hijab boxes which come in different colors with a wide choice of materials (medine silk, jersey, ready to put on, premium jersey, etc.)

Boxes ready to offer which consists of beautiful hijabs at affordable prices.

Our hijab boxes are carefully packaged and lightly scented.

We also offer a multitude of boxes ready to offer here.

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