Muslim Women's Sets

Set for the Muslim woman :

Discover our quality outfits declined in different ways!

Which outfits to choose?

There is a wide range of clothing in our vast range. Our sets respect the conditions of Islamic clothing, very wide and ample, it covers the whole body.
To go to work this autumn season, we advise you the sets of pants. They will keep you warm. You can also opt for a shirt and pants set that looks more professional. It's the perfect item for the active woman. Discover all our chic and classy sets by browsing our site!
If you want to look more elegant, we recommend skirt sets. For example, you can opt for the perfect knit skirt set for this fall-winter season.

Why choose Jennah Boutique's sets?

The sets are designed in a very thick and high-quality knit! You won't be disappointed by the quality of our garments.

Hijab women can play sports too!

Women can push their limits and become stronger! We have recently launched a special sports collection for Muslim women. You will find very large sports sets like the model jogging woman butterfly cut, ideal for your sports sessions!

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