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Box hijab in classic jersey for every day

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Set/ Box Hijab Ramadan 2024

The perfect gift for the Muslim woman?

Here is the SUNSET box composed of 4 basic hijab jerseys

A perfect box for a new hijabi, for yourself, or even to offer the box composed of 4 classic jersey hijabs at an affordable price!

Discover all our gift boxes available online now!

You can find many boxes available on our site. Our box hijabs are available in many colors and materials: ribbed, classic and premium luxury. In order to bring you a diverse and varied choice.

Dimensions of the hijab: 180 cm in length by 63 cm in width

Composition: 100% cotton

Personalize the box with the word of your choice, we will carefully write it by hand and add your word directly via the personalization tab.

This box will definitely please the woman who receives it. We have chosen the most popular colors.

There is no shortage of opportunities to offer this type of box (Eid El Fitr, Ramadan, Baptism, conversion, marriage, khotba, engagement etc...)

A great gift idea for Muslim women.

Composition of this box:

This box is made up of 4 classic jersey hijabs:

  • Brown
  • Chestnut
  • Terracotta
  • Rosewood

Box measurement:

Width: 14cm

Height: 6.5 cm

When to offer a Hijab box?

There is no shortage of opportunities to offer this type of box (Eid El Fitr, Aid el Aidha, Ramadan 2024, Baptism, conversion, marriage, khotba, engagement, or simply for the pleasure of giving...).

If you are undecided about the choice of color, this box has been designed especially for you.

You can also give for a birthday. If the person you want to give a hijab box to is a close friend or family member, their birthday may be a suitable occasion to give such a gift.

Our advice: you can accompany this hijab with one of our cotton hats to tie or a lycra hat to tie.

We also have a varied range of pliers to offer you a selection suited to your preferences.

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