Box hijab - 4 ribbed jersey BLUSH


Box in ribbed jersey for women, ideal for everyday life


Ramadan 2024 Hijab Box in Ribbed Jersey

Looking for the ideal gift for the Muslim woman?

Discover the BLUSH box, a selection of 4 ribbed hijab jerseys.

This set is perfect for a new hijabi, for yourself or as a gift, with its 4 ribbed jersey hijabs, all at an affordable price! Ribbed jersey hijabs combine absolute comfort and undeniable elegance, thus meeting the demands of the season.

Explore our gift boxes online now! Our box hijab collection offers a variety of colors and materials, including classic jersey, premium luxury jersey and ribbed to suit all tastes.

Dimensions of the hijab:

180 cm long by 70 cm wide


Made from 100% premium cotton

Composition of this box:

  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Old pink
  • Mauve

Box measurements:

Width: 17cm

Height: 12.5cm

Personalize your box with a special word of your choice, which we will carefully write by hand.

Add your word directly via the personalization tab.

This box will surely delight the woman who receives it, thanks to a selection of popular colors. Offer it on various occasions such as Eid El Fitr, Eid El Adha, Ramadan, baptism, conversion, wedding, khotba, engagement, birthday, etc.

When to offer a Hijab box?

There is no shortage of occasions (Eid El Fitr, Eid El Adha, Ramadan 2024, baptism, conversion, wedding, khotba, engagement, or simply for the pleasure of giving...). If you are undecided on color, this box was designed especially for you.

You can also give it for a birthday, a perfect occasion if the person is a close friend or family member.

Our advices:

Accompany this hijab with one of our cotton hats to tie or a closed tube hat.

Also discover our varied range of pliers for a selection adapted to your preferences.


To preserve the beauty and quality of your Ribbed Jersey Hijab, follow these simple care tips. It is recommended to wash it by hand with cold water and mild detergent, avoiding the use of bleaches to preserve its vibrant colors.

After washing, gently squeeze out excess water without wringing the fabric to maintain its original shape.

Lay it flat to dry, out of direct sunlight. Regarding ironing, use a low temperature and prefer ironing inside out to avoid direct contact with the surface of the fabric. By following these care tips, you will extend the life of your Ribbed Jersey Hijab while preserving its shine and comfort, so that it continues to accompany you in style throughout the seasons.

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