Jilbab for child

At Jennah Boutique, we think of the whole family! Ramadan is a time when we like to pray and go to the mosque as a family. Take advantage of this ramadan 2023 to dress your girls of Jilbab for child. It is important for the little girls to resemble their mom, it is thus important to familiarize them as of this young age with the modesty which the dresses for Muslim women offer. By trying on a child's jilbab, the girl creates a closeness with the prayer.

It is what a jilbab for child?

The jilbab child is available in two parts, three parts, with skirt, with sarouel just like the jilbabs for women. The jilbab child is available from 6 years to 14 years.

For which occasions?

You will be able to dress your girls when you go to the mosque, to the tarāwīh of the ramadan 2023 or during the AÏD 2023.

Or simply on a daily basis when your daughters pray!

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