Khimar- SUTRA 3 veils khaki


SKU: km3

Khimar 3 veils in sumptuous muslin, refined effect guaranteed, width on the front optimal for maximum coverage.

Premium quality muslin

Available in several colors

Niquab option with string inside
Matte black SUTRA label
Front length 75cm back length 140cm

The model is 1m73 tall

What is khimar?

From Arabic خمار, khimar (“cover”), from تخمير, takhmir which means hiding
something by putting a lid or blanket on it. It is therefore sunnah to
wear a khimar.
The khimar is a very long slip-on hijab that hides the front and back of the woman. the
khimar resembles a jilbab except that it is shorter and usually has no sleeve.
The khumur has a built-in headband and it simply ties behind the head to ensure the
good maintenance of the scarf. It is usually made from a microfiber fabric, which makes the
super fluid material and pleasant to the touch. Similarly, several cuts exist, whether
either in terms of lengths, you can also opt for a short khimar or a khimar
long, with rounded or pointed finishes. It is essential to have this part in
your mastour dressing room!

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