Qamis man

What is a qamis ?

The qamis is a garment for a Muslim man. It is a long tunic that reaches down to the ankle or calf. It can be worn in different ways or for different events depending on the traditions of each country. It may also be worn to go to the mosque to pray.

Why wear a qamis?

It is important for a woman as well as a man to cover his awra. The religious purpose of the qamis is to cover the man's private parts, but also to imitate our prophet (sws) who is our Muslim role model.

What are the advantages of the qamis?

The qamis is a very comfortable garment. It is ideal for praying, thanks to its wide and ample design. Moreover, thanks to its aesthetics, it will be easy for you to realize the essential movements during your prayers.

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