Box ramadan boy


Box Noor complete box for little muslim boy for ramadan or aid 2024


The Sofiane box is ideal to offer for your boy on the occasion of Ramadan 2024 or aid 2024. Offer to his son, nephew, cousin, or little brother, it will be the perfect gift! 

A special box for the month of Ramadan consisting only of essential, do not wait to offer this perfect box for boy! 

Composition of the box:

A blue prayer mat

Two magic notebooks.

A book to learn the Koran, in which your cousin, brother, son can write at will the verses of the Koran to memorize them and a second book to deepen his knowledge of Islam.

These books are accompanied by a pen, a pen holder and 5 erasable refills.

A bag of candy

To please your child, we put a bag of candy in the box.

Measurements of the box:

Width: 31cm

Height: 5cm


A gift always pleases our loved ones and especially during the period of Ramadan or Eid 2024 , there is always a moment to please our entourage.

Offer this box to your son to teach him the values of Islam and make it evolve in our religion in a playful way.

This box will certainly please a boy on the occasion of Ramadan.

We also have Ramadan boxes for women and Ramadan boxes for men to please adults.

Find here all our boxes ramadan woman: here . And all our boxes ramadan man here

We also have wide choice of prayer outfit on our website that you can buy separately and request to be added to the box. 

If you want to make your own composition you can buy our Gift Box for men - gift box to offer at 2.90€, right here and add products to the unit like a hijab, a musk, what you want. Just specify in the personalization field that it is a box to compose customize with the selected items. 

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