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Thick luxury adult prayer mat

Gifting a prayer rug to a friend, family member or loved one during Ramadan, or at any other time, can be interpreted as a mark of respect, support and consideration towards their religious practice.

This gesture symbolizes a recognition of the importance of spirituality in his life and his commitment to his faith.

As an indispensable tool for Muslims during their daily prayers, a prayer mat facilitates their practice by providing necessary material support.

By receiving such a gift, the person may feel encouraged in their piety and religious practice, as it provides them with a meaningful means of fulfilling their spiritual obligations.

In addition, this velvet-like carpet, very soft and very comfortable, will bring you peace during your prayers. It will be perfect to accompany you during your daily prayers.


  • Aesthetics: very modern prayer rug in the shape of an arabesque with a pointed end, it has relief patterns as well as fringes on the edge

  • Material: this rug in velvet material provides an unrivaled feeling of comfort

  • Effectiveness: non-slip lining, the prayer mat will not move during your movements during it

  • Available in several colors

  • Dimensions: 60x120cm

Why buy or gift a prayer rug?

The prayer rug is an important part of Muslims' religious practice, especially when performing their daily prayers. This accessory symbolizes the importance of submission to Allah and spiritual connection in the life of a practitioner of Islam. By offering or using a prayer mat, worshipers express their commitment to the teachings and practices of their faith, as well as their respect for Allah. The prayer mat thus becomes an indispensable tool that facilitates the practice of prescribed religious rituals, thus reinforcing the observance of the pillars of Islam and promoting piety and devotion among believers.


Do not hesitate to put together your own Islam gift box for men or women to offer by including this rug in the box.

You can find empty women's boxes: here

And empty men’s boxes: here

Do not hesitate to add a Koran, a prayer dress, a Medina silk hijab, the 99 names of Allah or even the 365 Koranic reminders.

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