Medina silk Nujum prayer outfit

NUJUM silk prayer set from Medina Ramadan 2024

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Prayer set suitable for Umrah, Ramadan, Tarrawih, Jumuah, Hajj 2024

The Nujum prayer outfit, made with quality Medina silk fabric, not only offers optimal comfort but is also easy to put on. It also adds a touch of elegance to your outfit during Ramadan 2024 and Eid 2024.This set is ideal for performing prayer. or for everyday wear. The prayer outfit consists of a simple abaya with straight sleeves and a long khimar decorated with ruffles all around in a high quality fabric.

You can accompany this prayer set with our prayer rugs.

On the khimar side, it has an elastic band around the neck for absolute comfort, making it easier to dress and adapts to all head sizes.

The classic abaya can be worn alone independently of the khimar.

The storage bag will be very useful when traveling and will keep your prayer outfit always tidy.

Why is it important to wear prayer attire?

Allah said in Surah Al A'raf n°7 verse 31 (close translation of the meaning of the verse):

“O children of Adam, in every place of Salat wear your adornment (your clothes)...”

Prayer is a time when we must sublimate ourselves for Allah. This is why we offer you a collection of prayer outfits to get into the habit of sublimating yourself during this act of worship.


  • Long dress with long sleeves
  • Khimar with integrated headband
  • High quality satin fabric
  • Free storage bag
  • Unique size
  • Several colors
  • Available in satin here is the direct link: here
  • One size fits all

Length from the shoulders of the abaya: 150CM


Front Khimar length: 93cm


Rear Khimar length: 135cm


Ramata measures 1m70, Ikrame measures 1m59, Hasna measures 1m67


Suitable from 36 to 56 for a woman measuring 1m80 and +

Opt for this outfit that respects religious standards, ideal for moments of prayer during the holy month of Ramadan 2024 or especially during the celebrations of Eid 2024.

Take advantage of this outfit combining practicality and religious conformity to make your prayers during Ramadan and Eid even more pleasant and imbued with serenity.

Legislated outfit

Our advices :

Avoid any greasy material on clothing.

Machine wash at 30°, low temperature ironing.

We recommend that you put the prayer outfit back in its storage bag once you have finished using it.

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You can find prayer dresses as well as our jilbabs for women: here

Jennah boutique offers you a wide choice of outfits designed especially for prayer or more classic and legislated outfits.

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1415/ 14153

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