Legal abayas for Muslim women

As the month of Ramadan 2024approaches, the legal abayas for Muslim women will accompany you throughout this blessed month. It is with serenity that you will be able to dress in accordance with the essence of the favorite time of the Muslims.

When to wear legal abayas?

The Muslim woman must dress in accordance with the conditions that will guarantee her optimal modesty. Dubai abayas, kimono, farasha also known as "butterfly abaya", etc. are to be worn on a daily basis to perform your prayers, go to the tarāwīh or even to your loved ones. Ramadan 2024 is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the outfits, what better way than to start with abayas? You will see that you will feel comfortable and beautiful in them.

At Jennah boutique, there are even breastfeeding abayas, for us mothers have the right to be legal in all circumstances.

Why is it important for a woman to wear legal clothing?

Muslim women must give importance to the style of dress they approach. It is fundamental for a Muslim woman to wear clothes that preserve her modesty, so there are requirements as to the style of clothing to approach. We hope that the Jennah Boutique abayas will help you on your way to this model.

After adopting the abayas they will be a must for your wardrobe!

Ramadan Karim!

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