Long khimar

What is the khimar?

The khimar is a very large and wide hijab that is put on by the head. It is a garment that covers the front and back of the woman. The khimar is similar to a jilbab except that it is shorter and it has no sleeve. A headband is directly integrated into the veil and is simply attached behind the head to ensure the good maintenance of the scarf.

What fabrics for the khimar?

The khimar of the SUTRA range is made in a quality fabric, which makes the material superfluid and pleasant to the touch. Several models are available in Medina silk or muslin but also in jazz.

Also, several cuts exist, you can find in our catalog khimar rounded but also pointed. Several levels of lengths, with long khimar but also small khumur.

An essential piece to have in his wardrobe mastour! We offer a multitude of different khimar and different cut!

When to wear a khimar?

Its fluid and light fabric is very pleasant and practical for every day. The khimar can be worn during all seasons because it exists in different types of materials. For the warm seasons, it is advisable to take a khimar in muslin while for the winter, it is preferable to opt for a thicker and more rigid fabric to keep you warm such as the silk khimar of the medina.

The khimar is an essential of the mastour dressing for the veiled woman, discover all our khimmars for this Ramadan 2023!

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