Prayer dress for women

The month of Ramadan is a month where you have to multiply your good deeds and get closer to Allah. It is therefore necessary to invoke Allah every day, especially by performing supererogatory prayers. Prayer is one of the 5 pillars of Islam, it is also a moment of privileged meeting with Allah. It is therefore important to dress properly during the prayer.

Allah said in Surah Al A'raf No. 7 verse 31 (close translation of the meaning of the verse):

"O children of Adam, in every place of Salat wear your finery (your clothes)(...)"

As you can see, this moment of worship that punctuates the days of the Muslim deserves special attention as to the dress we wear, if it is possible for us.

What is a prayer dress?

A prayer dress is a loose-fitting garment with an integrated hijab. This dress is specially designed for prayer and meets all the dress requirements that a woman should address and thus facilitates salat. It is therefore a practical and comfortable garment dedicated to women. There are also prayer dresses for men, available here.

Why buy a prayer dress?

Our prayer dress is perfect for women who are looking for ease. Indeed, you just have to put it on, a hijab is integrated directly into the dress, which allows you to have a complete outfit for praying, no need to look for a khimar or a hijab in addition to the dress. You can also wear this dress to go to the mosque for tarāwīh prayer this Ramadan 2023.

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